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Lada Catalytic Converters

Lada Catalytic Converters

Lada catalytic converters are more than just a silencer for the engine’s exhaust noise. They reduce harmful pollutants in your Lada’s exhaust gas, while still ensuring that you get driving pleasure. The Lada catalytic converter is the most important part of the car’s emission control system (ECS). Catman Provides best prices for Lada catalytic converters. Although Lada catalytic converters are relatively simple components, a faulty Lada catalytic converter can lead to an expensive repair bill, so it is important to get yours checked whenever possible. In addition to reducing your car’s environmental impact, Catman replacing the Lada catalytic converter also improves your Lada’s performance.

The Catman also supplies Lada diesel particulate filters (DPF) – which are a vital part of the Lada ECS when your Lada is fitted with a diesel engine. A DPF helps to trap soot and other particles from the exhaust gas, which would otherwise escape into the atmosphere and cause environmental damage.

Lada catalytic converter is the filtration unit that reduces Lada emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Lada catalytic converter has an extremely important role in Lada ECS. When the Lada catalyst operates at its optimum, it can reduce Lada emissions by up to 90%. Lada catalytic converters are fitted with two vital Lada engine parts: the Lada oxygen sensor – which monitors the amount of oxygen in Lada exhaust gas.
The Lada catalytic converter is positioned between the Lada exhaust manifold and Lada muffler. The Lada catalytic converter is mounted close to the engine, so it reaches its operating temperature quickly. The Lada catalytic converter must be warm for the Lada catalyst to work properly – if the Lada catalytic converter becomes too cold, it will not work at all.
Lada catalytic converter and Lada diesel particulate filters have different functions within Lada ECS. Lada catalytic converter reduces Lada emissions of HC, CO and NOx. Lada diesel particulate filter helps to trap soot and other particles from the exhaust gas, which would otherwise escape into the atmosphere and cause environmental damage. Lada diesel particulate filter is a vital part of the Lada ECS when your Lada is fitted with a diesel engine.
If you think that your Lada catalytic converter may be faulty, then you should take it to a qualified mechanic for inspection as soon as possible. Symptoms of a faulty Lada catalytic converter include Lada overheating, Lada reduced engine power or Lada 4×4 not shifting into gear.
It is recommended that Lada catalytic converter be replaced when the mileage reaches 100,000kms. However, other factors may cause Lada catalytic converter to fail before this point. Lada uses a mixture of lubricants and fuel known as Lada fuel economy additive in Lada petrol to reduce friction between the metal parts of your Lada engine – these additives can sometimes clog up Lada catalyst cells within the Lada catalytic converter, so replacing the catalyst sooner may prevent expensive damage to the rest of your engine. Catman supplies high-quality Lada catalytic converter Lada conversion kits.
  1. Catman offers Lada catalytic converters at the lowest prices, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your money.
  2. Catman only stocks high-quality Lada catalytic converters from leading brands, so you can be sure that your replacement converter will last long and perform well. 
  3. Lada catalytic converters Lada conversion kits are covered by Catman-provided Lada Parts Guarantee, giving you extra peace of mind.
  4. Lada catalytic converter Lada conversion kits are all guaranteed to fit perfectly with your Lada, so there will be no need for further modifications or adjustments afterward. This is great news if you don’t want to spend more on Lada repair bills!
  5. At Catman, our friendly staff is Lada qualified Lada technicians, so you can be sure that your replacement Lada catalytic converter Lada conversion kit will be installed properly.
  1. Catman guaranteed to work with Lada car models from 2004 onwards.

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Lada Catalytic Converters

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