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6 Dashboard Warning Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Cars these days come with so many gadgets and gizmos that drivers can perhaps be forgiven for choosing to ignore certain lights when they come on… but there are certainly some that should never be dismissed out of hand, otherwise you could find that your car suddenly packs up around you. Which no one wants! Here are a few warning signs you definitely should not ignore.

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Catalytic Converters – A Valuable Commodity

As outlined in our previous blog article, catalytic converters are valuable commodities; mainly because they contain small amounts of valuable metals such as platinum and rhodium.  In fact, some states of America have seen a recent spike of thefts from certain older models of SUV’s which are easier for the thieves to access because of their wheel height. In this article, we shall be explaining in-depth the main role, lifespan and noticeable signs of when they should be changed.

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DfT Issues Warning Over Compliant Catalytic Converters

If you’re currently looking for a catalytic converter supplier to replace car parts, do make sure that your choice of company is above board and ticking all the right boxes, so you know that your vehicle meets European emission standards and complies with the regulations to which it was originally approved.

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