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Skoda Catalytic Converters

Skoda Catalytic Converters

Skoda catalytic converters are responsible for a Skoda’s emissions after the fuel is burned. Skoda catalytic converters do not burn fuel, they only transform harmful gases into benign substances that are then released into the environment. The Catman is the best place to buy Skoda catalytic converters. We stock Skoda catalytic converters for all models at the lowest discount prices. Skodas have to meet strict environmental standards, so having a Skoda catalytic converter installed is an important step towards living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The Skoda catalytic converter works as part of your car’s emission control system by reducing the amount of harmful exhaust from your engine before it leaves your Skoda’s tailpipe. It does this by accelerating a chemical reaction called ‘oxidation’ which converts toxic hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide (harmful pollutants) into less harmful substances such as water vapor and carbon dioxide. Skoda catalytic converters are usually made up of a honeycomb-shaped ceramic substrate coated with a thin layer of platinum.
Skoda catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters both serve the same purpose, which is to reduce the emissions from your Skoda. However, they do this in different ways. The Skoda catalytic converter oxidizes harmful pollutants into less harmful substances before they leave your car’s tailpipe. A diesel particulate filter, on the other hand, captures tiny particles of soot that are released from the exhaust gases. This prevents them from entering the atmosphere and causing air pollution.
There is no definitive answer as to which is better for your Skoda. Both Skoda catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters help reduce emissions, and Skoda drivers can choose which one they want to fit based on their own personal preferences. Skodas with diesel engines may come equipped with both Skoda catalytic converters and Skoda diesel particulate filters as standard, but if you have a Skoda with an internal combustion engine (e.g. petrol), there is no need for this kind of replacement part.

Symptoms of a faulty Skoda diesel particulate filter can include a Skoda that is

  1. difficult to start
  2. black smoke coming from the exhaust
  3. loss of power.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it is likely that your Skoda diesel particulate filter needs replacing.

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Skoda Catalytic Converter
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Skoda Catalytic Converters

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